Russian Olive Honey

This rare and unique honey has been made by honeybees during the flowering season of Russian Olive Flowers which are famous for producing this rare and unique honey.

Russian olive Flowers are spread through certain areas in Gilgit-Baltistan. It blossoms for few days in a year (between April and May) producing white flowers.

There is not always a crop of honey. Nectar flow is very dependent on local weather conditions and some years the flowers yield little or no nectar at all.

Traditionally, Russian olive was used as an anti-ulcer remedy for wound healing or sometimes gastric disorders. Russian olive fruits were also famous in Turkish folklore as tonic, antipyretic, kidney disorder healing (anti-inflammatory and/or kidney stone treatment) and anti-diarrhea (astringent).

In general, the people use Russian Olive Honey as a substitute of any anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent.


  • Anti-Ulcer.
  • Remedy for Asthma.
  • Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Wound Healing.
  • Analgesic Agent.

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