Recommendations for good honey to consume while fasting

Reportedly, honey is one of the oldest types of food that has ever existed. In fact, residents have been using this culinary delight since 8 thousand years ago. Not only is honey good as a natural sweetener, it is also a food source of energy that contains many important nutrients.

A study in the Annals of Saudi Medicine states that consuming raw honey can help overcome seasonal allergy problems. Meanwhile, another study in Cochrane wrote that this food can help speed up wound healing.

Local Indonesian Honey to Treat Various Diseases

In Indonesia, there are many popular types of honey. You can even find honey that is specific to each region. Not without reason, the color and shape are not similar because the food comes from the bees that produce it. Both come from flowers and fruit trees.

However, the interesting thing is that the popularity of Indonesian honey has also received attention from the world. This is because healthy food then offers various benefits to overcome various diseases. Several types of local honey are rich in benefits, namely:

1. Kneel down

The first type is kelulut which originally comes from the forests of Kalimantan. This variant offers many advantages, one of which is the relatively higher percentage of water. Not only that, this honey has high antioxidant and low carbohydrate content.

One of the percentages of antioxidants in honey is phenylalanine which is useful for supporting the performance of compounds that play an important role in electrical activity in the brain. It is not surprising that people believe that this honey can improve the functioning of memory energy in the brain. The characteristic of this type of healthy food is its black color and a taste that combines sweet and sour.

2. Sumbawa Forest Honey

Furthermore, the honey comes from wild bees that suck flower nectar in the Sumbawa forest area. Usually, this type originates from the nectar of coffee or bidara trees along with the nest contained at the top of the tree.

This healthy food variant is characterized by a lower water percentage than other types along with a thicker texture. Local people believe that this natural ingredient can help cure tumors, cancer and heart disease.

3. Calliandra

The unique thing about calliandra honey is that it has a higher percentage of sugar than fructose, and this is different from other types of honey. It’s not surprising that this type is easier to become crystals.

If you look closely, this type can look similar to cooking oil because of its yellowish color. Only, the viscosity is different. This ingredient offers a function as a natural medicine for cancer.

4. Bangka Bitter Honey

Next, the Bangka or pelawan bitter type comes from wild bees and sucks flower nectar from the pelawan tree. Uniquely, the Pelawan tree itself is included in a group of rare trees that you can only find in West Bangka.

This type has reportedly been proven to be efficient as a natural remedy for several health problems. Starting from hypertension, kidney problems, stomach health problems, hypotension, diabetes, impotence, and neutralizing toxins in the body.

5. Klanceng

Then, the type cultivated in the Blora area, Klanceng honey. This cultivation process is unique, because bees can nest in round pitchers and do not sting. The texture of this type is thinner than other types because the water percentage is higher. Meanwhile, the color is brownish and the taste is slightly sour combined with sweetness, similar to the Kelulut type.

The nutritional content of this natural ingredient includes antioxidant flavonoids, hydrogen peroxide, phenolic compounds, including antibacterial peptides. Studies show that this type can help overcome ongoing infections caused by bacteria such as B. brevis, B. megaterium, M. luteus, P. syringae, B. subtilis, and E. coli.

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