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How to distinguish between real and fake honey with just your fingers

Real honey refers to honey made by bees, not factory-made and without any mixtures added. Pure honey is known to have many health benefits, including acting as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial.

Fake honey is then sold for IDR 25,000 and is a mixture of glucose, fructose and molasses. Explained by University of Indonesia (UI)  toxicologist Dr. Rer. Nat. Budiawan, molasses (or in English molasses) is a by-product of the sugar or sugar cane processing industry. Let’s look at various ways to test the authenticity of honey using the following methods. Not all honey sold is pure honey or real honey.

1. Real honey crystallizes.

Over time, no matter how you store it, real honey can crystallize. This happens because the levels of glucose oxidase in it are able to remove water from honey.

2. Add vinegar to honey.

Quoting the New Zealand Honey slot server thailand super gacor Co page, vinegar can be used to distinguish between real and fake honey. Add 2-3 drops of vinegar to a little honey, unless it comes out foamy then it’s probably mixed honey.

3. White cloth and blotting paper test

Try pouring a spoonful of honey onto a white cloth or blotting paper. Fake honey tends to penetrate cloth or paper, leaving stains. Meanwhile, real honey does not penetrate cloth or paper. No stains left behind.

4. Thumb test

To test the authenticity of honey, you can use your thumb. Try dripping honey onto your thumb. If it melts or spills, then the honey is not genuine or adulterated. Genuine honey should be thick and not drip

5. Heat Honey

To do this, detikers are willing to dip cotton into honey and then light a match to burn it. When the fire burns and the honey bubbles and turns into caramel, then the honey is pure jade.